The Deal Series

Making the Deal

They knew the merger wasn’t going to be easy… But they never expected it to start these types of sparks flying.

Rayna is an attractive fiery entrepreneur and successful litigator who has grown her business at an incredible rate. Now she has the sort of offer on the table that dreams are made of—more money, success, and power than she could ever imagine. And all she must do is form a partnership with another law firm.

Jax’s ambitions have driven him to put everything into his firm, and this merger is supposed to take his firm to the next level. He is great looking, laidback, and a top corporate shark. He knows what he wants, and he believes he knows how to get it.

But when the pair meet for the first time, they instantly dislike each other, and a frustrating power struggle commences. But is it fueled by a merger of the firms? Or are shamefully attracted they are to each other…

Making the deal is the thrilling first book in the slow-burn enemies-to-lovers romance series. If you like your stories filled with unexpected twists and turns and red-hot heart-pounding tension, this book was made for you.

Breaking THE DEAL

With everything in place, the merger looks set… But there are wicked eyes fixated on ensuring its demise. 

Agreeing wasn’t easy for the beautiful Rayna. To share and develop her successful business with another firm was one of the hardest things she has had to do. Especially since her to-be business partner was the very sure of himself, yet very handsome Jax. 

After the initial rough start to their relationship, Ray and Jax are looking forward to working together to drum up new business success, as well as heat up their own relationship…

PBut a couple of bad apples in the new company have it in for Ray. They will not stop until they steal her clients and ensure she and, ultimately, the merger fails. The business empire that Ray has built is about to come falling down. Can she stop it from crumbling? Or will she get buried?

Breaking the Deal is the fast-paced second book in the tension-filled love at first sight Deal series. If you like your stories filled with thrills, suspense, and a rising threat, as well as a hot-as-heck romance, this book was made for you. 

Closing THE DEAL

Business is tough, but so is love… And now It’s time to take it all.  

Rayna didn’t think she could feel any worse about her position within the firm… The troublemakers have gotten under her skin, and they know it. Her reputation and her previous successes are at risk. She must do all that she can to salvage them.   

Of course, the gorgeous Jax now decides it’s the perfect time for him to ask her one of the biggest questions a girl can be asked in life… 

But with all this going on, a new case is brought to Ray, which could change everything. Meanwhile, the nefarious partners are up to no good. And now she must team up with Jax and tackle the troublemakers together…  And hopefully, have a little fun at the same time. 

Will she win the case? Will she see off the wolves knocking at her door? And will the merger finally be complete? 

Closing the Deal is the final book in the fast-paced, page-turning love-at-first-sight romance Deal series. If you like books filled with fiery passion, a lurking menace, and sweet romance, then you will adore this book.