What makes a book a fantastic read? Well, first and foremost is your interest in it. Finding an interesting book begins with the search for your favorite book category or genre. Are you confused about which genre to pick up for your next read? We’re here to help. We have everything from science fiction to graphic novels. Should we discuss these different genres and make a perfect book selection?

1. Science fiction

We know what you’re thinking—aren’t science fiction and fantasy the same? Well, sci-fi is a distinguished book genre focused on actual science, and most of the books in the category are set in the distant future. However, there’s less of a focus on hard science. Most novels in the genre reflect soft sciences and forecast the future of humanity.

2. Mystery

Mystery or detective fiction is excellent for readers interested in spotting clues and solving crimes. It’s a distinguished genre that captures readers’ attention through a hard-hitting protagonist. Detective fiction comprises a mystical story structure and characters navigating a clever course of clues. We highly recommend this genre and fueling your brain with stories that make you think like a detective.

3. Dystopian

A favorite of many, dystopian fiction is essentially a science fiction sub-genre that provides readers with a gloomy vision of the future. The writers in this genre love to paint society in a harsh light and frequently push the protagonist into tragedies. If you find reading about protagonists fighting and confronting oppressive governments and ecological ruin interesting, this is the genre for you!

4. Historical fiction

This book genre is full of literary tales in historical settings. Past events inspire the events, characters, and stories. However, it is a fiction genre that doesn’t have much to do with real history. Most authors in this genre consolidate their stories around a particular period, actual historical figures, and events.

5. Romance

Romance is arguably the dominant and highest-selling book category in 2022. The genre is self-explanatory since it centers on romantic relationships. Another characteristic of this book genre is the warm and comforting ‘happily ever after’ ending. Go ahead and choose this book genre to inspire your love life!

6. Women’s fiction

This is an umbrella genre that publishers use to target a female audience. The storyline will have a female protagonist or revolve around a lady’s everyday life. Indeed, it is a broad definition. But this is what you can expect from this genre. The storyline might be coupled with romance, crime, or science fiction.

7. Magical realism

Magical realism is a genre for readers who have a tremendous imagination. This book category often features highbrow literary styles, real-world settings, non-linear timelines, and events that are left unexplained. You’ll find books in this genre that target societal ills like colonialism, fascism, captivity, and more.

8. Short story

As the genre name makes clear, short stories are shorter than most books. These are often sub-genres where the writer compiles a set of stories with a shared motif. The author will often relate the stories of different characters living through the same event or circumstance. It’s a popular book genre in 2022, as it helps readers gain multiple perspectives.

9. Religion

The Religion genre includes stories and events from different religious groups and often memoirs associated with messages of faith and spirituality. This is another popular book category in 2022!

10. Graphic novels

What makes graphic novels different from traditional novels? Well, it’s not the content but the form. Novels are simply stories told using words. That’s not the case with graphic novels, which also leverage artwork and a conventional panel layout, like cartoons. These are rich both in artistry and writing.

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We’ve outlined most of the top-trending book categories in 2022. Did you find any of them interesting? Of course, there are other book genres, so go ahead and do some research. You never know — you might run into a brand-new book category that speaks directly to your personality and preferences.